Delay displaying closed trades to non-subscribers

Hello Matthew,

I have chosen to "Delay displaying closed trades to non-subscribers" with my Optimum Systems. I closed a trade this morning, then logged off, then looked at my system without logging in.

In the new Beta site, the closed trade was displayed.

Could you explain why I am seeing this closed trade when I am not a subscriber?

I see it too in the new site, but not in the old site. Thanks for the free system, CEO!


Shhhh :slight_smile:

Yes, it appeas to perform correctly in the old site but not the beta site!


Would you provide me a status on this issue?

To be clear…

This problem is occurring in the Beta C2 site. The problem is not happening in the production (old) site.

Thank you!

This is a problem we hope to fix shortly. Sorry for the delay.


Would you provide an update on this issue?

I still see all closed trades on the C2 beta site even though I have specified that I want the most recent trades not to be displayed.

I checked a few other systems on C2, they are also showing the most recent trades.

I understand. It’s a known problem, and it’s very important to some system developers, as it clearly is to you. I hope we can fix it within the next week or two. I’ll keep you posted here.


It has been a week or two and have not seen a posting from you on the status of this issue. It appears that the problem is still happening in the "Beta" site while it is working as expected in the "Production" site.

Would you let us know the expected resolution date?

I currently do not have an expected resolution time for this issue. I hope to have more visibility soon.