New Dashboard:- Closed trade not visible

Closed trades for systems that have no outsanding open trades are currently not visible on the new dashboard. I suggest that you make them visible so that autotraders or subscribers can associate them to a system. Currently only closed trades for system with open trades are visible.

Hi WHYau -

Just trying to understand the exact nature of your report. Can you tell me (publicly or via PM is fine) which trading strategy you notice this issue? What I’m really trying to understand is what viewing rights you personally had to the strategy in question (i.e. were you a subscriber, an autotrader, or just a non-subscribing observer)?

My concern is that closed trades do not appear long enough at new dashboard for systems that do not have open trade. So for someone who runs multiple autotrades, we want a dashboard that shows current trades, even closed ones. The problem is some of these closed trades do not appear long enough in the dashboard for us which resulted in us having to manually go to individual systems to track where a particular trade at IB came from.

If you could make closed trade appear longer in a dashboard will help tremendously.

I totally agree with this. Once trades are closed under the “Today P/L” it is always 0? I would find it tremendously useful to have that number accumulate until market close (5pm for futures) and reset to zero when market opens (6pm for futures). Or even a 24 hour total would be useful, but if every time the trade closes this column goes back to 0, what is the point beyond “open PL”

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The way the new Dashboard currently works is pretty much what you describe.

When a trade is closed, it stays visible on your Dashboard until the “reset” of the trading day. The reset of the day depends on the instrument class: stocks at 9:00 AM ET, futures at 17:30.

In other words, if a futures trade closes at, say, 1PM New York Time, the P/L stays visible on your Dashboard (under the “Today’s P/L” column) until the end of the trading day.

In the case of Fridays and weekends, trades stay on your Dashboard until the next Monday morning (stocks) or Sunday night (futures/forex).

Unfortunately it is not working like that for me. For example Zakum closed today for $800 something at 10am. Right now under “Total P/L” it says 0.

Same observation here. Zakum’s closed trade did not appear in the dashboard even while the market is still open,

Ah! I see the problem. Positions that were opened and closed in the same day, after the start of the trading day, were not appearing on the Dashboard after they closed out. Now the problem is fixed. Please let me know if you notice any other strange things.

As an aside, we’re really pushing to migrate everyone towards the new Dashboard, so your feedback is really important. If something is broken, or if the new Dashboard is missing something you really want to see, let me know so that I can make C2 work well for you.

We’ve already gotten some super-great feedback, and are working our way through the list of suggestions and complaints.


E24 SP500 Emini has had a closing trade of -$577 today and has an open one of $188 (ish). On the dashboard it is only showing the open trade as part of the “total P/L” when it should be around -400.

Hi, Alan:

I think the issues you reported with the new Dashboard have been fixed. Please give it a looksee and let me know if you disagree.

Fixed! Thank you! tweeeeenty charaaaacters

I am still getting all kinds of strange numbers under “today” column. For example Goldmetre B is showing a “Today” loss of -2000. I don’t even know how that number was found.

Alan -

Thanks again for the helpful report. I think I dealt with this bug, but it would be really great if you could continue to report any other problems of this type (i.e. problems with positions on the new experimental Dashboard page) over the next day or so. I’m gradually whittling down the issues with the new software, but I assume there are still problems left. It helps me a lot when real users point to specific real-world problems that I can examine and fix.


Hi, Alan:

OK. Spent the afternoon straightening out the issue with AutoTrade position-disposition, using my intuition. Have a looksee. Be prepared for shock and awe.