Open trades profit or loss

I understand the Strategy Managers wants to keep their latest or open trades private but when one evaluates their strategy it most include those open trades profit or loss. Collective 2 can simply show total profit or loss for those trades in a separate column.

I know once you subscribe to the strategy you can see these open trades.

Am i missing something or need further clarification please let me know.


As a trade leader, I prefer them not showing the profit or loss of the open trades except to subscribers. However, if someone really wanted to take the time I believe they could themselves add up the P&L of the closed trades then use the equity curve to get an estimate of the current open P&L total.


This is for sure not must. For example, I exclude open trades from the strategy assessment, since their results are unknown and this brings no value, but confusion.

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Yes, but sometimes there is quite a lag between the equity curve chart and the current real-time P/L of the C2 strategy.

And on the Grid you will notice that the little charts next to the name of the strategies take an awful long time to update. Some are still showing a downtrend chart even if the strategy is clearly making new highs.

I don’t a see reason why they should not show the profit or loss of the open trades as long as they don’t print the asset.

A lot of strategies here use one asset only. So it doesn’t matter in this case if you show it or not.


True but how would you know if its in profit or a loss and how long that one asset been held? I really don’t see a big deal why they can’t show profit or a loss on open trades. It will help those who subscribing to the strategy.

Maybe if you ask the trade leader they will share a screenshot with you. I’m not sure what strategies you want to see but if it were me I would probably share.