Tabulating Open Trades

The way Collective 2 tabulates open trades is not ideal. Let me take my own system Income Generator’s example. Over the last 2 years i have taken 248 trades, closed 241 trades with not a single closed lost trade. Currently i have 1 open positive & 6 open negative trades. The sum of my open negative trade is approx $ 9700, which is only about 7% of the total capital for the system. In addition having open negative trade balance of $ 9700 divided by 6 trades gives a average of $ 1600/trade which collective 2 reports as average loss which is misleading. You have to have open trades running to make profit you can’t open every trade & have immediately that trade go in your favor. The recording system used by collective 2 is OK for intraday & short term trades, but it does not work for long term systems where some trades run for a year. Collective 2 should have a section for UNREALIZED PROFIT/LOSS which should take open trades into account.

I don’t understand what you are saying. C2 already has a stat called “Open P/L” which does include open P/L. In addition all stats include open trade P/L in their calculations.

Thanks Mr. Klein for the response. I was talking about the statistics at the bottom of the page. The statistics factor in the open trades as losing trades & calculates average loss which i don’t think so is correct. The summary of the model account which shows Open P/L is ideal

I can understand why you might not want your open positions’ losses to be included in your system statistics. However, “marking-to-market” open positions is a generally accepted accounting principle throughout the world, and is something that all regulatory agencies expect.

Just because you haven’t officially closed your position does not mean your loss does not exist. Your loss most certainly does exist – whether the trade is closed or still open – and will be included by brokers when calculating your available buying power and account margin requirements.