Option house auto copy

I would like to know
if i trade with IB can somebody auto trade -copy me - with option house account?

and what is the cost fo this.

second question is the opposite - can i trade with option house and get copy from IB accounts

is there anyware i list of all auto trade cost by brokers?


Yes, that’s the beauty of C2. It doesn’t matter where your broker account is located.

Anyone on C2 can subscribe to any strategy they find here, and can AutoTrade it at any compatible broker account, regardless of where the strategy developer has a broker account (and regardless of whether the strategy developer even has a broker account, because - remember - strategy developers can publish strategies without using a broker account).

and if my acoount is in Option House cen people copy me?

Yes. People can follow you (i.e. AutoTrade your strategy) regardless of which C2-compatible broker they use. They do not need to use the same broker that you do.