Auto-trading in an IB account

I’m considering autotrading a C2 strategy in my existing IB accounts.

  1. can i autotrade a friends / family account? it looks like it requires a U*** account number, rather than F****

  2. if i cannot, can i auto-trade them in my IB “client” accounts (one is margin, one is IRA)? or do i need to setup standalone trading accounts?

  3. can i autotrade strategy A in both of my IB accounts, for $99 / month
    a or does that require 2 $99 setups
    b or should i move money to a non-IB account

  4. how do the answers change if i want to trade C2 strategy A and strategy B?

  5. if i’m autotrading stock equities, it sounds like from some posts, that limit orders will get modified to Market orders if there is a fill “somewhere in there world” (c2 words). Can i the user prevent this modification to Market?

  6. Is there an Autotrade IB FAQ somewhere? Searching posts has not revealed as much as I had hoped.

  7. Looks like Trade68 is closing their product, but TradeBullet still up and working. Any comments from users on C2 autotrader vs TradeBullet, for IB / equities?

Thanks much

Hi Steve,

  1. We do not support F accounts (allocations), so you will need to setup each individual account separately on C2. C2 allows 2 accounts per user so if you have more than 2 accounts you can create more C2 logins and set up 2 more accounts under each C2 login.
  2. I am not sure what you are referring to. We support U accounts.
  3. The Autotrade fee is per account per month so you will be charged 2x $99.
  4. You can trade an unlimited # of systems in the same account for $99 per month. (system lease fees still apply)
  5. No because it would put your account out of sync with the system.
  6. Absolutely! Please see
  7. No negative comments that I know of. Both options are available.



I am trading a C2 futures system and see there are auto traders using Interactive Brokers. Some indicate they are using “C2 Autotrading Services Futures (Interactive Brokers)” and some simply indicate “Interactive Brokers.” I am considering trading an Interactive Brokers account so what are the differences between the two? Is one paying a per trade fee while the other is paying a monthly C2 autotrade fee?


Hi Corey,

Yes that’s correct. The underlying technology is the same.


So is a system subscriber allowed to make the choice between one or the other?


It depends who you opened your account through:

C2 Autotrading Services support both per-trade and flat fee models. If you don’t already have a IB account, C2 Autotrading Services can help you get one.

If you already do have an account you can select IB-Direct but only the flat fee model is supported.