Option symbol change glitch

Hi Matthew,

I see that over the weekend you changed the software to use the new option symbols. But while the changeover was being done, all option quotes went to zero for a while. Not a problem for valuation since the quotes are back to normal, but the disruption caused systems which use options to show incorrect stats now.

In particular, my Isonomy Turbo system shows a drawdown of 24% which is incorrect as no such drawdown happened in reality. Also, the daily range on the chart shows a big spike down which looks very bad! Isonomy Plus shows a smaller upward spike which, whilst more pleasing to the eye, is equally wrong.

I’m presume other option systems must have had the same problem if they had positions left open over the weekend.

I hope you can fix this!

Kind Regards,


Could the same thing have happened to the CrowderOptions system? It took a dive Monday, but recovered on Tuesday.

Yup, looks like CrowderOptions was affected even worse.

I noticed on Sunday that all option prices were zero, then on Monday afternoon they were back to normal but the stats had already been messed up.

Well, this appears to have been fixed for Isonomy Turbo (and CrowderOptions looks normal too now) but Isonomy Plus is still showing the erroneous upward spike.