Optionhouse merger with Trademonster

Optionshouse is merging with Trademonster, and will be migrating to the Trademonster interface next week. Will C2 autotrade be available same as current Trademonster accounts after the migration?

I had Optionshouse,Trademonster, and OptionsXpress accounts before the merger. Trademonster used to be an excellent platform; it was easy to view, quick, and reliable. Since the merger, it still has the various screen features but is lethargic, has disconnects, and give errors when trades are attempted that are legitimate. Because of this, I missed trades. Their transition Support was simply overwhelmed and they were unprepared, according to their own admission. Reluctantly, I have chosen to move my accounts elsewhere. I don’t know if they will ever get it fixed…

We have not seen any delays or problems with our gen3 connection to trademonster/optionshouse. That is probably because we don’t use their standard platform but instead connect directly to their servers.