Will new TradeMonster support C2?

I just happened to notice that TradeMonster is merging with OptionsHouse. This might be good news for US Gen3 ETF traders. However, can we be confident that the new TM OH will continue to support C2 trading?

TM and OH have the lowest margin rates and highest reputations after Interactive Brokers.

I am in the process of arranging “Trades Own System” certification for two systems. I believe in broker diversification. So I was planning to trade one at TM and another at MBT. Vision is not to be taken seriously, in my opinion. But MBT is marginal, resting on a bygone reputation, not bothering to keep its software up to date. And now TM OH is certain to result in a very sound company. So I no longer see any point in bothering with MBT.

TM OH willl be the only game in town for the US-based Gen3 ETF trader–if it remains C2 compatible! It is possible that OptionsHouse does not like C2 because it is not C2 compatible. So it seems possible that the new entity could jettison C2 compatibility.

Does anyone have any news on this? Thank you.