Order not received

Hi Matthew,

first of all I want to specify that this post is not critical with C2 interface because I am not sure if C2 was in error or I was in error.

Yesterday (maybe at 13/15 CST ) I sent 2 order 1 stop and 1 limit (BTC T-Bond Limit at 106 15/32), today at 8:00 AM CST I realized that my limit order was not received from C2 but it was too later.

Because of it I lost 2 profitable trades today because who knows my trading style (i.e my subs) knows I exit always with 10/13 ticks.

Now, I want to repeat that I am not sure If I made a mistake or C2 was in error but I would be very grateful If you can check I sent order and C2 did not received it, or If the order has never arrived to C2.

Thank you very much.

Please, can you give me an answer.

I have no record of that order in the database.

Ok. Thank you for the interest.