Well, the comission adjusted profit is sure a big eyeopener!

Matt, could you tell us what fees did you use when you programmed the comissions, just so we can compare to discount brokers and such? Thanks…

I used rock-bottom (and in some cases unrealistically low) commissions.

All commissions listed below are for one side (i.e. just to enter the trade; you’ll need to pay the commission again to exit):

Per future = $2.50 per contract (whether electronic or pit - in real life, pit would be about twice that)

Per option = $1.00 per lot

Per stock share = $0.01

You can find lower stock commissions if you trade big quantities, but $0.01 is still extremely low for most people.

The new statistics are still in the ‘experimental’ stage. But I think they are useful and may provoke discussion.

Let me know what you think. - MK

Good choice- same as Interactive brokers comms.

You are not using the correct commission for the per contract values. In my case you showed $200 profit, but only 2.50 commission, when it should have been $5 commission.

But you are correct for the total trade value.

Quite possible. Let me take a look…

Oh, I see the problem. That ‘Total Commission’ statistic is recalculated on a sporadic basis for each trading system. So it was showing your Total Commission Paid as it was calculated when you had an open position. It didn’t have a chance to recalc after you closed your position. Which is why it seemed like the commission paid was only half right (you had only one trade…)

I have changed the software to recalculate commissions after trades are closed. This change will go into effect shortly. -MK


I prefer Ameritrade, because I trade usually big volume of low price stock. Only $10.99 for unlimited shares.

Maybe you can can “charge” commissions $0.01 per share up to a maximum of $10.99 per transaction.

Just a suggestion.