Orders pending too long & timeout on your site


I have two issues, the first one being major.

1) I have sent an “at market” STO trade on NZDUSD at 16:20 eastern, together with a limit and stop-loss levels. The STO “at market” trade has been sitting at “Pending” for way too long.

So after half an hour, I cancelled it. Then I placed another order, of the same kind, at 16:50 eastern. That one is sitting there “Pending” as well.

This is ridiculous. since the market has moved and C2 this way introduced an unnaceptable effect to performance.


When visiting your site, after I log in, I get timed out extremely quickly (maybe 5 or 10 minutes). It’s just ridiculous, because you can’t get anything done on the site, getting kicked out so fast (and it’s not like c2’s website can resume after you re-login exactly where it left off). Just ridiculous.

What do you plan to do to fix this? I mean this makes it almost unusable.

Sorry for the harsh language but seriously, how can we rely on C2 when market trades get more than half an hour to go through?


Trendy Bendy

  1. Our Forex FAQ explains that we don’t open forex trading until Sunday 17:30 pm or sometimes later… when FXCM (our quote feed of record for most pairs) opens. After SUnday night, markets are open 24 hours until Friday at 16:00.

    2) We were working on some web site improvements today (Sunday) and it did involve changes to the way session management is being handled. If you (or anyone else) still notices a problem with being timed out after 5 or 10 minutes, please let me know.

It is quite harsh to just leave the order there as “Pending”. It makes it look like it’s a technical problem, which scared me at first.

Brokers such as Oanda show you tradable prices and allow you to trade around the clock. It might be the peculiarity of FXCM’s price feed that you don’t get any prices.

In any case, saying “Pending” makes it look like C2’s fault, so maybe it should say “Queued” or “MarketClosedPending”.

Thanks for the fast response though.


OK. Good point.

I’m looking into the session timeout problem you reported. As I alluded to, I installed some new stuff over the weekend (memcached, if anyone is interested) to try to keep the site reasonably responsive under growing user loads, and I rewrote some if the session management code. Please report any weirdness regarding your session being timed out prematurely or anything else strange.