Pending orders not shown

When I post this:

I don’t get my pending trade in the list:
















What C2 user owns the session in question? Has the user configured C2 autotrading to use the broker called "TESTCLIENT" and to specify that signals be sent to his broker for the instrument in question? (For example, if the signal is a "stock" signal, has the user turned on stock autotrading for the TESTCLIENT broker?)

It is my own system, CS FUTURES TRADER, and the answers to these questions are I believe all yes.

Oh, if you are talking about the YC corn order, it was not sent to your software client program because the markets weren’t open yet. C2 only sends orders to AutoTrade software when orders are allowed to be submitted to brokers/exchanges.

It’s all part of the C2 AutoTrade software design philosophy that C2 will do the “heavy lifting,” which will allow you to write a reasonably light-weight client.

OK I see… another question. When does a session time out?