Orders placed before market not filled 10 minutes

Is anyone else having this problem? It’s a Market order for the highly liquid BGU ETF. The potential limit has been touched, and I missed it. This has happened 5 times before already, and it’s fine for a trading game, but it’s unacceptable and dangerous when we are risking real money.


This is completely unacceptable. The order was placed at 9:25, and it was not filled by 9:40. At 9:40, , when I click the cancel button, it’s miraculously filled, at 9:40 prices, much higher than the open price.

Which broker?

No broker: Collective2’s simulation.

This was already addressed privately.

Francis, I’ve gone over my emails and messages, and I can’t find where this was addressed. Could you please refresh my memory?

Thank you.

Hi, Jorge:

Sorry. Francis meant that the issue was caused by the quote feed problem last week, which we already posted about. The issue has now been resolved. We’re sorry for the problem.


Oh, ok. Thanks, and happy new year.