Parked Orders Fill Price


I’ve noticed parked orders do not achieve market price once unparked, instead the one from 5 min. aprox before the execution. Is this normal/standard?


Do you mean orders that were "parked until" a particular time?

Or orders that were parked in a holding state, ready for manual release?

Please let me know the details, and perhaps the specifics (system, trade, time, symbol), so I can investigate.

The latter, i.e. Orders that I have parked and then I manually unpark them.

You can see todays BTO of my system DNDTS of DXD. I unparked it at 11:55am when the price was around 60.4 but got filled at 60.65, the price around 11:49am



orders often do not fill at the market price or the time of the order. Don’t recognize the instrument you listed, I only trade futures. But fills often depend on liquidity/volume, and other factors.

Matthew any luck?

In the event that it is a flaw, can a trade be corrected? 5 min is an eternity for a day trading system…



I have studied the audit log and you are correct. The server filled you at a stale price. This should not have happened. I have corrected the fill price.


Can this be avoided in the future?