Problems with parked orders

In our trading system we use parked orders to close positions. But lately we got this kind

of problem. Let’s say, we bought some stock today. After our software gets

the approval that BTO order was filled, it sends STC GTC market order and

parks it until 17:00 of the same day. So after the market hours are over

(at 17:00), our order gets activated (i.e. C2 displays it not as a parked

order). So we expect this order to sell our stock somewhere at the market

opening of the next day. But it does not. Of course I know that we have to

wait for a while. But even after half an hour all closing orders were

still not filled. So we had to close positions manually. The manually

entered STC orders were filled instantly. This problem repeat more than 10

times over last two days (last week everything was fine).

So could C2 administrators check if something is wrong with the parked orders?

it is possible you are having a problem due to one of these:

–always check the date in the parked order date fields; it defaults to TODAY’s date. Ensure it is TOMORROW’s date. I had these problems constantly (often forgetting to update this)

–there is a difference between your time zone, and the exchange time. Make sure your time entries follow the C2 standards. Also, i usually add a couple moments, to avoid the opening prices - they do not tend to be kind at market open and close.

– ensure all necessary fields have values. I also sometimes forgot to put in a quantity or flip the Buy to Sell (in reality, there should NOT be a default for this. The Buy/Sell buttons should be blank, to force you to intentionally choose one).

Thank for Your reply. But none of the solutions You offered works.

–always check the date in the parked order date fields;

I checked the orders after they were sent to C2. The parking date was correct all the time. Besides we use some software, to enter orders, so there might be to typing mistakes, etc.

–there is a difference between your time zone, and the exchange time.

I use the same time zone, as C2 does.

– ensure all necessary fields have values.

I checked it dozens of times. Everything was correct.

I am looking into this.

Thanks, Matthew. Let me know if You find something (or if you do not find anything)

the same problem today. did somebody else had problems with parked orders this week?

I am still working on this. Give me a little time. I think I am closing in on the source of the problem. More soon…