Pausing strategies and blending

Is there a way to pause a strategy? Sometimes in certain market conditions, a particular strategy will no longer be relevant. Not to say that at some point perhaps soon this strategy will not become relevant again.

It would be good to notify subscribers that they can use their equity for more relevant strategies at certain points in time. When the strategy becomes relevant again, we could restart and hopefully get the subscribers easily back into the system.

I have a strategy in mind but it only works in certain situations and sometimes I need to go back to cash but I do not want to restrict my subscribers from following other strategies when the strategy has been paused. At the same time I don’t want to lose a subscribers so it would be nice to have an easy way to get them back into the system when things are ready to go.

Also I don’t want to have those strategy sabbaticals show up negatively in the charts and statistics.

I think this would work fairly well with strategy blending such that you could send out a signal to tell your subscribers now would be a good time to increase their blend in favor or in disfavor of your particular strategy. Ideally those signals would improve your charts and statistics for your strategy.