I have pending payments from a client made several weeks ago. When can I expect the payment to be forward from Collective2 ?

Hi, Andre:

The FAQ has details:

Hi again and thank you for the responds.

I read that the payment should be around 20th, yet I have not got it, almost 14 days after.

The FAQ also explains that payments must be 45 days old before they are remitted. So I think you’ll have joy in the August payment cycle. - Matthew

Still no sign of the money. I read in your FAQ that it could take 75 (!) days if one was unlucky, but I think I’m soon past that too.


You still have not filled out your W9 form. It’s available at Taxpayer Information, under My Account. We can’t pay you unless and until you do so. Do it soon, so that you can receive any money due on the upcoming 20th of the month remittance cycle.