Performance rebate for vendors

I would like to suggest a performance rebate on the listing fee for vendors. I.e. charge a listing fee of $X per half year and give a rebate of $Y at the end of the 6 months if the system exceeded some profit criterion (e.g. profit greater than zero). This should provide an incentive for high quality vendors to join C2, and a disincentive for amateur vendors (especially if X is high), improving the overall quality of the systems offered through C2.

I would like to suggest an alternative incentive plan. I think system vendors should agree to have electrodes attached to their private parts for a period of six months. If six months elapses and their system proves profitable, they may (gently) remove the electrodes. If their system is not profitable, then I will press a big red button on my desk, sending 10,000 volts over the Internet and into their electrodes.

I believe this may be an even more effective means to encourage high quality vendors, while discouraging low quality ones.

So actually you enjoy amateur vendors?

One problem with STs suggestion is that C2 would not be regarded as independent anymore, since (on the short term) it will benefit from bad fills and bad performance. One might accuse MK of deliberately making a bad interface to assure that the rebates won’t happen. Etc.

(PS I’m not saying the interface is bad, I never saw it)


Sounds good. But you might need a pretty smart electrician to work it up…

As a student I always fantasized about a similar device for bus drivers who "forget" to stop.

Great idea, provided its a full-duplex communication channel…for similar reasoning.

I find this a pretty obnoxious, cruel and selfish solution, since you apparently want to be the only one to have access to this button. The button should be available to all subscribers (adding up the voltage) instead of just one person!

And Ross should not be allowed to push more than once a day.

Ross would wither away. He pushes everybodys button all day.

Or you might just get a whole "different" clientele… :wink:

Ross won’t be able to push because hundred vendors will be pushing his button the whole day long. Just to be sure.

Assuming that you have implanted these electrodes into system vendors brain, how can I be sure that, every time I believe that I got a signal from a system I subscribed to, I am not deceived into so believing by… you, by means of electrodes implanted in their brain, manipulated their judgement? :slight_smile:

The suggestion was to implant the electrodes in their private parts, so apparently you believe that your brain is located there. Mine too.

Sucks to get old!

Each man’s brain is a private part; only he can use it. Not only is it private, it is also protected: by a thick outer shell :slight_smile:

So your private parts are by definition of no use to anyone else?

For some people it is a self help program!

Definitely not to you :slight_smile:

lol Sheckley in “A Ticket to Tranay” already used similar idea for pure “democracy”. In two words every politician/administrative person of government must have a bomb with him and every citizen of Tranay have a right to push a bottom that will blow up the person if the citizen doesn’t like what the government person is doing. Simplified freedom of will.

So the idea isn’t new :wink:


But you’ll have to excuse Matthew. After the success of his “Con Ed”, he’s gotten the idea that he’s clever and creative.

Just humor him.

Well… “Con Ed” has some points. It gives Silicon Vally approach at time of the book describes. I wouldn’t ask where author of the book took an idea of hmm… personal responsibility/obligations per investment. I would assume he is fantasized as me of course, but the book is not so bad, moreover it’s good, because there aren’t a lot of BS.