Personal Trade with AutoTrading


I was curious If I’m following a strategy with AutoTrading and I want to have a trade unrelated to the strategy.
For example, let’s say the strategy trades only stock X and I want to have on my Interactive broker stock Y ( something that the strategy leader doesn’t buy )
Now let’s say I buy it in my account that connected to the strategy, will it stop to AutoTrading? If yes, can I just connect it back or it will require me to close the separate trade?

The simple question is can I add a new position and still copy the strategy leader trades?

Thank you, I’m asking because I couldn’t find anywhere information about it.

I think c2 will close all positions which are not affiliated with the strategies then you turn auto-sync back.

Here is the link to FAQ -

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Thank you but it’s a bit unclear here. I was to open a separate account but I don’t have enough margin to trade both.

@MatthewKlein Can I have please a response on that?
I send a ticket a while ago and no response, I don’t know maybe I have a problem from my side.

You probably should not “manually” trade in the same brokerage account in which you AutoTrade.

First, Collective’2s “AutoSync” will be turned off if we detect “external” orders in your account. This is generally not a state that you want to persist. AutoSync maintains synchronicity between your account and the various Model Accounts you follow.

We recommend instead that you open a sub account at your broker, and dedicate it to your manual trading. (Interactive Brokers makes the process pretty simple, once you have your first account open). I understand that is not possible in all cases, if you are margin-constrained, but it what we recommend.

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Thank you for the replay but something is still unclear, if for example a strategy trades only Options and I want to buy a stock just to myself for a small position, the AutoSync will turn off but when I reconnect it, will it close my position that I personally opened on the stock or it just continue to Sync all other trades?

If you don’t enable Stocks when you setup Autotrading (for any strategy), then Autotrade will curently leave your stock position alone but we can’t guarantee that will always be the case. That is why it’s much better to trade your stocks in a separate sub-account at your broker like Matthew suggests. Most brokers make this very easy to do, feel free to ask our support specialists at for detailed instructions.

I use BrokerTransmit but I was thinking I saw a C2 ad that said I could also AutoTrade in the same account at the same time. Is this true? Can I use BrokerTransmit to run Patience is a Virtue and at the same time AutoTrade someone else’s strategy without their signals being treated as mine and shown on Patience is a Virtue?


Yes you can do that. All your manual executions will be published to your strategy.

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