Personalized equity curve bugs?

I’m still not sure I understand this view. Is it possible to see in more detail? On my main system view, I can see that my system is just a hairs breadth from the S&P but when switch to personalized with same starting equity and no commission and no trade fees then my green line is much lower.

Which is it? I have no open trades.

If I choose a very small account size, it shows my equity curve surge over the S&P. In fact, when talking about small starting accounts, I’ve already did it in the sense that I could have started with a tiny account with my existing trades and doubled the account without much draw down. A few things help push my system above others for small accounts over same time frame, such as fewer trades. But, this in no way endorses that as a viable long term option but more is an apparent effect of the recent market conditions. Even so, it sparks my interest in trying to do that from the start.

I think the bug originates from my stock trades which are not being scaled properly.

I notice the S&P line moves from like a 6% to an 8% return when switching from standard to personalized.

I don’t trust that personalized curve. Often when I have tried to use it with various systems it changes shape too much and I could not work out why. It would be a great help if there was an optional pop-up box where the calculations are displayed in detail. Then I may be able to trust it… currently I find it more reliable to do my own tedious calculations to factor in commissions etc.

Anything new on this?