Equity curve


My equity curve changed after the weekend

It appears that it calculates P&L differently after I apply the same personalized setting

same - I mean the same cost of transactions that I used before but curve showed differerent result

I fixed some problems in and added some enhancements to the equity chart personalization feature. Thus things may indeed look different.

It may look different! :)))) but not in terms of lower P&L.

I downloaded CSV file and calcuclate P&L based on setting for the cost in personalization and my result is different from what the equity chart shows

System VeteranWS - # of traded contracts - 8482, I put per side cost 2.20 so commisions- $37320, gross Profit -$162 465, hte result must be net profit = $125144.

Personalized eq chart shows much lower


Pls adjust my equity curve to correct view. It does not show what it must for personalized settings