Personalized Charts


it seems there are some problems with "personalized settings" for charts.

I looked at daily income: when I personalize the chart, the curve does not start at the point I give as starting capital.

Also, despite the fact I add fees, it seems the system gets significantly MORE profitable through this!




Yes, something seems to have broken recently in the chart personalization. I will look into it.

I think this particular issue with the personalized charts is now fixed.

Dear Matthew,

not yet.

- the starting account size parameter is not yet correctly

used (the curve starts somewhere, but not where the parameter says

roughly 50% off.)

- It seems sometimes losses are not correctly taken into account. The standard curve goes south, but the personalized goes flat or up.

As a result the total ROI with personalized is (despite costs) significantly higher than with standard.


Okay, I think the problem with the starting account size not always being correct is now fixed. Not sure about your second point – to which systems and personalization settings you are referring. Any specific info you can give would be helpful.


does personalized chart work for someone? When I try it e.g. with ETF Timer with default settings and capital $50 000, the chart shows like the system has been flat most of the time. The same happens with other systems I tried.

- Panu

No. Personalized chart is full of bugs and it shows "random" returns. I was trying to bring attention to the problem, but the issue was ignored as usual.


Currently, the "Personalized Charts" feature is based on trade-by-trade granularity. This means systems that hold open positions for long periods of time will display a series of flat "step-like" lines in the personalized equity curve.

So Personalized Charts are an approximation, and are most useful for those systems with lots of frequent trades, rather than those systems with only a few long-term trades.