PF Signal Feedback

I have been subscribed to PFSignal for a while now.
I can say that Michael is one of the best traders I have met in my entire life.
• 90% of entries are win trades
• He do not hesitate to accept loses if things don’t go as expected
• Very rational and calm: he makes entries only when he sees a good reason for it
• Drawdown is always under control
No doubt I will continue with Michael and PFSignal as long as possible.


I don’t think this one will stay up long as another thread has been blocked for the reason it was just a big fight between people, but I can say I do agree on the comments you make up there, but he requires trust to continue, which could all ben read upon in the other thread. Other than that, I wish you good fortune with his algorithm, as I would wish any subscriber.


Thanks for the feedback!


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Thanks Boy!
My experience so far is very positive with PF Signal.
I have seen a discussion on other thread about the use of stop loss, etc… I don’t know if you refer to this one. The fact is that max drawdown is 22% which is very fair for a forex strategy.

I think many times we, investors, criticize traders too much. It is easy from outside. We tend to “give instructions”, to say what should have been done but always “posteriorly”, after events have happened.
Honestly, if an investor doesn’t rely on a trader it is better if he moves to another strategy.
This strategy has been for some time. There is enough information to run a good analysis before jumping into it, so for me any unhappiness or lack of satisfaction is the investor’s responsibility that doesn’t know the type of game he is playing and doesn’t assume that trading is very risky and extremely difficult, always, even for good traders.