The EW Trends: A new system trading on the FX

Hello everyone,

I want to intive you to monitor my system trading on the FX (GBPUSD and USDJPY only) called the EW Trends. I am working with the max possible DD as 2% for a tradea and a day. I use 15 pips stoploss points initially. I take 4 pips profits in general.


Murat Y.

The EW Trends works on GBPUSD and USDJPY pairs.
I want to invite you to simulate it for a while.

Murat Y.

Here you go, makes it easy for people to find your system. Good luck!


Hi ForexStar2,

Please, examine spreads of the collobrate brokers of the C2.
For example, the interaktive brokers has 1/10 pips spread with low comission.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Hi, four days, max 2.50% DD and 15.95% growth!!
I want to inform you that my system called the EW Trends will reduce the risk (2% DD) a trade as 1% DD. Hi again the community!! Best.

Murat Y.

I prefer working with monthly profits and losses borders in my strategy. The EW Trends touched more than 10% growth. Thus, it stopped to trade for this month. I think this is necessary to be in the game and be profitable for the long term.

What do you think about my statistics? And, what is your borders preference in general?

what happened to this strategy?

It will go on. In addition, it will be fully automated at the beginning of September.

Hi all,

We had a bad day on GBPUSD, yesterday. However, the EW Trends strategy is going on the tradings.

We obtained 11.14% growth for this month. I have a news also. The EW Trends will be fully automated at the begining of September.

Best, Murat Y.


I want to inform you that the strategy will be fully automated with max 1.5% DD for each trades at the beginning of this week.

Dear all,

The EW Trends system has obtained 12.51% growth during this month’s first week. It touched the second 10% growth target. It had also gained more than 10% growth on the previous month.

The EW Trends aims to obtain 10% growth for each month. There will be no trades during the this month (Aug, 2022). The system is stopped. Because they are important that be in the game for the long term and for the long term success (being profitable), the EW Trends is stopped to trade.

I am a researcher on Mathematical & Stochastic Finance. My system is based on a fuzzy math approach on the predicition of the trend developed by me.

I am planning to reduce the speed of touching of the monthly target. This also means working lower drawdowns (DDs).

See you at the beginning of the September!
Happy tradings and best,

Murat Y.

Hi, I want to share some information with you. I am a researcher on Mathematical & Stochastic Finance including machine learning approaches on the trend predictions. The EW Trends system runs on only FX. It will also run only USDJPY with initially 20 pip take profit and 50 pip stop loss at the beginning of September. There will be only a trade and its drawdown will be max 1.5%. I reduced the speed of the touching monthly target to save our money. Our Reward/Risk ratio will be 0.4/1.

I want to invite you to monitor the EW Trends system. I also want to show you what automated trades looks like on my side.

My side - USDJPY

Your last trade has a DD of 8.58%…
Actually you have already multiple trades with more than 1.5% DD in August.

I’m not a math wizard, but I see a discrepancy here… because the numbers don’t add up! :roll_eyes:


Please, monitor it. I will write to you after 3 months with new statistics. The trades will start again on monday with fully automated and max possible 1.5% DD. Best.

Hello again, first of all sorry for the complexity. There will be “The EW Trends II” strategy soon. It will has max possible 1.5% drawdowns. The current The EW Trends strategy will go on its journey with 4% drawdown with huge monthly growth target. You can chooise strategy according to your expectation. I will inform you when the EW Trends II is live. Best.

Hi Murat,

Don’t worry too much about max drawdown per trade.

You see, most trading books and self-proclaimed trading “experts” tell us that we should never risk more than 1 to 2% of our capital on each trade.

It is indeed an excellent trading advice, in general.

However, it all depends on the logic of each trading system!

Some trading strategies need a tight stop (less than 2% for instance), while other systems will outperform the market with 3 or 4% stops ONLY.

That said here is another very important point to keep in mind : Numerous studies have shown that when the stop routinely exceeds 5% of capital, the risk of ruin is virtually GUARANTEED in the long run.


I agree with you in general. However, the being long term profitable is related Reward/Risk ratio and the Win rate. The working low DD are related saving money and getting low percent growth (but for big capital). If we have good Reward/Risk ratio and win rate, we can prefer working with little bit more DD to obtain good returns, I think. Thanks for your words!!

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Unable to simulate trading

The strategy “The EW Trends I” is no longer being supported by the Trade Leader. Please choose another strategy.

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