I have dropped my sub price

One strategy is up 85% and the other is up 66% since inception 2.5 years ago. Each year I will post a gain and do not forget I trade futures so you will get some vol.

I was tempted to go free! Comments please?

I see you’ve launched 10 systems over the years and 7 are still showing. Of the 7 showing, 3 were discontinued at various points in the past in terrible shape. I assume the 3 hidden systems were in similar condition. The one you say has gained 66%, well that’s over 2-1/2 years and it suffered a 53% drawdown. And the other one you mention has a 22% annual return but a 40% drawdown. Pretty scary stuff, to be honest. It looks like you try out trading concepts, then when they don’t work you stop them (or hide them) and just start another. It’s the kind of behavior we see a lot of on C2, and it doesn’t inspire confidence. So since you solicited opinion, I’ve given you mine – it wouldn’t matter if the sub fee were zero or $500, it’s all in how you perform and what kind of confidence you instill. I like to follow traders who only open 1-3 strategies … and the reason for opening system #2 and system #3 (if at all) is to suit the varying needs of their subscribers (i.e. IRA vs non IRA, day trade vs swing trade, manual vs auto trade, etc.). They don’t open multiple new systems because the previous ones failed. My two cents.


I concur. You have to ask yourself if you are willing to trade the system yourself before looking for subscribers.

Thanks for the feedback. The two strategies I quoted were right at the start of me using this site, Yes the others were tests. Not sure what you mean by hiding them - you can clearly see them, they are not hidden. The draw-downs were within the first 6 months. Changing a strategy and showing the history is being transparent.

I do not trade using these as I believe IG is not on the broker list. Thanks

Hi Robert- Thanx for starting this thread. Personally, I don’t do Forex & prefer strategies with under 20% DD. If you can build a strategy that can make 30-40% a year ( non-vix ) you might earn more subs. No need to give it away for free, I would like to see some kind of ETF trending strategy if you are looking for suggestions…