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Too much drawdown. You have several systems. Most of them are not good.

Check out my system. It is much better than yours.

Money Grubber, yours may work in Disneyland, but not in reality, with a cash account.

Now, you can prove me wrong by opening up an autotrade account funded with cash with your real name. If you do that, and the results continue in this fashion, then perhaps you do have an edge (and will procure subscribers), but until then, you are just another paper trading legend.

You show me your Phd credential first. LOL.

At least I can do well on paper trading. You can not do well even in paper trading. What can you do? Remember, all C2 systems are hyperthetical, so they are all paper trading result. So what? You do it first.

Don’t be jealous, just work hard to do well.

Listen nincumpoop (to coin a word from Matthew Klein), my system isn’t accepting subscribers and yours is.

You obviously only care to rope in unsuspecting babies while I choose to wait until the system can justify a cash fee. I hope you realize that, the more you moan and groan about not getting and any subscribers, the further you get from that goal.

No one wants to deal with a developer who pleads for $200 a month from others when their so called system should make them a millionaire in 6 months.

Carry on paper trading master.

Listen nincumpoop (to coin a word from Matthew Klein), the fact is, I am getting more subscribets. You get disappointed? LOL.

BTW, how about showing your Phd credential ?

Thread closed. Name calling and insults not acceptable on the forums. Polite questioning about bad systems, unlikely to succeed, is okay.

Subscribets? What are those? ROFLMAO.

Even your mother wouldn’t subscribe to your sytem if you gave her the money to do it.

Let me guess, you are 15 years old and live in you parent’s apartment in Belarus, right?