Please Add New Futures Symbols @PA and @PL

Hi Matthew,

It looks like my trade today in Palladium (using the floor symbol) had a "bad hair day". I notice that the electronic contract did not hit my stop price (only hit a subsequent high of 375.85 so far). In any case, the trade is legitimately closed because I entered the order using the existing floor symbol.

I would like to increase the profitability output of my system and I believe that I can do this by using electronic contracts in most cases.

Please add futures symbols @PA and @PL to the C2 system by the end of this week (if you can schedule it).

Thank you very much.



Scratch that!

I have decided to remove PA and PL from my trading "basket".

PA has approx. electronic volume of 1700 contracts per day; PL has approx. electronic volume of 1300 contracts per day.

The volume is "not bad", however the spreads are frequently very wide. These markets would require stop limit orders in order to reduce slippage, but I want to keep my C2 recommendations simple with stop orders (KISS). So, I will just drop these items from my list of tradeables.