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C2 Data Services Access

Collective2 works with other companies and service-providers. These partners may offer value-added services to make your C2 experience even better. For example, in the future, a company may analyze your subscriptions here on C2, and offers suggestions for how to improve your trading portfolio.

If you check the box below, we will allow partner companies to access your subscription and AutoTrading records only. Regardless of what you enter, we will never allow any company to access any other personal information, such as your credit card or address.

To enable C2 Data Services Access, you need to specifically request it below. You also need to create a separate password which you can give to only those companies you choose to work with.

Allow C2 Data Services (C2DS) Access


For my own systems on C2, allow C2DS access to place trades and manage positions (i.e. Enable 3rd-party trade-entry apps)

Password for C2 Data Services Access

This must be between 4 and 20 characters long, and different than your private password (which you already set, above). You will give this password to companies when you want to use their C2-Compatible services. They will not have access to private data.

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