Please explain


I just subscribed a system with starting model account $50,000.

However, in the Dashboard, i saw:

Model Account Details:

Open $17,775 Closed $29,605 $47,381

I do not see $50,000 but $47,381. My actual trading size will be less than $50,000 (say $10,000). So i got confused: should i scale my position size based on:

1) position_size_from_signal*($10,000/$50,000),

or 2) position_size_from_signal*($10,000/$47,381),

or 3) position_size_from_signal*($10,000/$29,605)?

Another related question: is the signal position size based on a general model account as shown in C2 web page, or based on a individual model account per subscriber (say, i subscribe a system today with starting model account $50,000, so the C2 will smartly build a model account particularly for me starting form $50,000 without considering the historical trades before my subscription)?

Thanks a lot.