Posting strategy chart to Facebook

When I post my strategy chart to Facebook the right side of the chart is cut off. In other words, the whole chart is not visible.

Any chance you can send us a screenshot of the bad stuff you are seeing?


where you able to take a look at the screenshot I sent? As you can see, the last day showing is the 4th and the chart details out to the 6th.

But: when did you post the chart to facebook? On the 4th?

Hey Matthew,

I guess I messed up. I did not know there was a limiting rule to message sending. I was touching base with several of my strategy followers and got an internal message that I was sending out to many messages. Now I am locked out and can’t respond to messages I received back. Why is there a limit. If one would have many subscribers, and you wanted to touch base with all on one day for whatever reason, you can’t. Can you fill me in on why messaging is limited. Messaging seems like a great why to introduce yourself to followers.