Managers: Use Special "Invite Links"

Over the years, Strategy Managers have asked for a way to invite people to their own strategies.

Sure, you can give them the URL of your strategy, but we all know C2 can be complex, and it’s way too easy for not-very-motivated people to get lost within the bowels of C2.

That’s why we created special “Invite Links.” Now Strategy managers can create web links which take people directly to a page which makes it drop-dead simple to subscribe to your strategy (or, heaven forbid, to merely “Sim” it.)

Optionally, you can grant special discounted pricing to anyone using your Invite Link. You can create as many Invite Links as you like.

To get started, go to your strategy page, and select Manage → Market your strategy → Invite to strategy.

Like this:


After you go there, you’ll see something like this:

Invite Links are new, so let me and the C2 Team know what you think.



So in anyone’s experience will FB. let you post links to selling financial services or will they block them?

I sometimes mention my collective2 portfolio in facebook posts where it is relevant, no problem so far - I think as long as nobody reports the post as spam, you are fine.

So i do facebook posts mentioning collective2 rarely. But it happens. When it fits in with the subject of the post, and the audience.

Don’t bet your business on FB though. What gets blocked and what not and why is totally in flux and they tend to clamp down hard right out of the blue, so it is probably not the best thing to become dependent on a flow of subscribers from fb.

Most of the time I mention both my etoro and my collective2 accounts at the same time. I think this works very well, as the potential copiers relevant to each site has little overlap anyway - but some amateur that go etoro today might evolve into more of a pro and then perhaps remember i mentioned collective2 and come in here when ready.

most of the time i sneak in the collective2 or etoro links by referring (in my fb post) to research i have posted on my profile at etoro (i wish we had a similar concept here) In a FB discussion about stock xyz i might add to the discussion that i also bought it , and my rationale for doing so was in summary x, y and z - and i am concerned about issues m and n - my original post/analysis from when i bought it is available at (link to etoro post in my etoro profile). that has worked very well, does not offend anyone as spammy commercial, cause it is informative in and of itself, and just a link to further research not behind a paywall.

my etoro account of course refers to my collective2 account, going forward i believe/hope i will drive quite some traffic from etoro to colletive2, it’s a big pond to fish in.


Here’s my experience with FB. I tried marketing a system and bought FB ads, nothing really happened, since I thought maybe I’m not being seen I tested FB with direct marketing, then I was blocked. So I’m still not sure if they shut it down for spamming or they don’t want people promoting stock systems. I want to post my page on a friends site who has 20k subscribers but will they shut him down, I’m not sure.

I will give my opinion.
I post a link to my strategy, which I take from the address bar of my browser.
There is a chance that the subscriber will wander to other strategy pages, but he will do it anyway, if he does not like the strategy much.
You made a page with very little information about the strategy. There are no summary statistics on the page.
There is no summation result in percentage, no maximum drawdown. Very scarce information.
With this information it is impossible to draw conclusions and make a decision.
To get more information about the strategy it is necessary to subscribe to the sim.
Will someone subscribe to the strategy for money without studying it, if you specify a subscription fee of more than $ 1?
And there are 2 subscription fields on the page, which take up as much space as all the information about the strategy.
Information about risks takes up half of the page.

I won’t sell the strategy with such a selling page.
The idea of making a separate invitation page for the strategy is super.
The way it’s implemented…I probably won’t use it that way.

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Hey @MatthewKlein ,

Is there an option to know if the person that joined to a strategy was from our link or from C2 in general?

I think that information can be helpful to know if our " Marketing " is useful.
As from my understanding we can’t keep track on that.


Hi Daniel,

That’s a good question.

While you wait for an answer from Mr Klein, you can still ask your new subscribers directly, they should be able to tell you what specific link they used to join your system (in most cases).

I love the idea behind this! I know improvements are being made to it over time. I tested one of the links yesterday. Unfortunately, when signing up via the link it doesn’t take the person back to the strategy, subscribe them to the strategy, or have them automatically simulate the strategy. It takes them to a generic dashboard after signing up. Then all strategies are promoted and the user has to search for the strategy in the link they used.

Personally, I would be much more likely to use this link if it was better about funneling people to the strategy I originally linked. Ideally, I would love for someone to be able to sign up and never see another strategy. In other words a link that helps me whitelabel C2 for blog followers etc. would be amazing!


I just noticed that the invite links take the person to a more snazzy looking page now. Very nice!