Price Feed E-Mini Heating OIl

Incorrect Price for this contract basis November please fix.



Hi Scott,

I notice that C2 never updates the price feeds using settlement prices, only using last trade price. This can be a problem for contracts that are rarely traded (such as mini Heating Oil) since they will not be marked to market on C2.

I just checked the prices for mini Heating Oil and they appear to be correct on C2.

Right now the last transaction prices are showing on the C2 delayed data feed. For @QHV0, the last transaction was on Sept. 10th at 14:29:39 ET at a price of 2.11 (hence C2 shows the last trade price). For @QHX0, the last transaction was on Aug. 25th at 12:59:56 ET at a price of 1.97 (hence C2 shows this last trade price also).

This contract rarely ever trades and most times it does not seem to even have a bid or offer. You can check daily volume and open interest (number of contracts open) for mini Heating Oil by checking this webpage:

This contract does not appear to be a very effective trading instrument even for long holding times since there is virtually no liquidity to get in and out.



Tks for your reply will look at the October contract.