Heating Oil


Just having a look at the pricing that you have for heating oil futures .Is not as it should be…From the exchange the data is in this format…

208.51 per barrel not as you have it 2.0851. with each point $4.20

Please correct


Scott Hyams

In the futures world, pricing is not standardized. Some people report prices with the decimal points in different places. All that matters is that the dollar point value is correct (i.e. that you win or lose the correct amount of money for a given price change). C2’s point value is correct. If you are ever in doubt about where C2 puts the decimal point, look at the dynamic help that appears on the order entry ticket when you type in a futures symbol.


This puzzles me because my very first trade was short Yen at 0.010974 and I covered at 0.011067. My calculations showed it should have been a $581.25 loss but C2 booked it a $5 loss. (no need to go back and fix my equity thank you).

Anyway, I’m puzzled by this issue,



Tks for that Matt

Patrick -

Is this the trade?

1/19/10 19:50 SELL 1 @JEH0 0.010974 1/21 15:51 0.011067 Low ($581)

It shows $581 loss in your stats.


Indeed it was the trade, but Patrick was right – I did have the incorrect point value in the database for the electronic mini Yen CME futures contract. This is now fixed.