Problem with my forex system

I’m a system developer. I running an automated system on forex, I’m sending the signals to collective2 via EA in metatrader(MT4). The system is doing short time trades on the analysis of price action. This is running fine but, every forex broker has a slightly different price for the curency pairs every time (Collective2 too), and as a result of this the closed trades have always different profit in collective2 compared to the metatrader account. I’m using OpenFX broker, they have the same spread on EUR/GBP like collective2 even a little higher(30 ticks). But anyway every winning trade has a lover profit in Collective2 than in my MT4 account, and every losing trade has a higher loss in Collective2 than in my MT4 account.

I think this could be solved if I would connect my MT4 to collective2 price data instead of a broker. Is this possible?