Differing results from C2 Results?

Has anyone noticed discrepancies between the C2 results of a trading system and your actual results?

I’m using the Stop and reverse forex system and I have noticed that sometimes there are some big differences between what’s on C2 as the active postions and my actual active positions. For example I just saw that on C2 it’s holding a EUR/USD SELL position BUT mine is holding a EUR/USD BUY position. I doublechecked the discrepancies and time delays between trade signals and all the trade signals have been entered correctly within 1 minute at most of the trade signal posting.

Maybe my problem is that I’m using a different broker/datafeed from C2. I’m using FXCM, which might have differing rates slightly. Maybe to ensure consistency C2 ought to give more details on what datafeed it’s using as well as which broker the trading system is using. With the stock market this wouldn’t really be an issue; the price is the same everywhere. But with the Forex, there are less regulations so there have to be slight varations as you go from broker to broker.


Joe: Perhaps off-line, via email to me at matthew@collective2.com, you can give me a bit more detail on where your real-life trades different from Stop-and-Reverse – that is, which order did you execute which C2 did not, or vice versa? Please be as detailed as possible, and I will investigate.

Thanks. - MK

Ok, I’ll get them to you tomorrow. I didn’t write down a detailed list of discrepancies. When the trade system goes along I’ll note any discrepancies.


I think different datafeed / broker only affects the position price and CANNOT affect the position direction. It is impossible that C2 is sell but yours is buy.

As with all forex platforms there are always differences in prices. Fxcm being one of the worst for my system in my opinion. However it works both ways

Yesterday, my chf trade got stopped on C2 for -20 pips, but as far as I know, myself and everyone else made +20 pips on it, as most brokers did not hit the stop as it did here at C2.

Conversly, we can have stops hit in our real world accounts, and take losses and the stops not be hit by C2, so that would show a winner. This is NOT the fault of C2, and will occur always when different brokers are used. Nothing can be done about it.

As for the comment above, that it is impossible to be long while C2 is short. That is not true. It is VERY possible. Market may come within a pip of stop here at C2, but may hit stop on your trading platform. Again this has NOTHING to do with C2. This would happen with any 2 brokers. There is nothing that can be done about it. Only with EVERYONE using the same broker could this be eliminated. And currently that is impossible.

I trade at Oanda and Saxobank.

Oanda is the best for my system, always staying in line (you have to adjust for spread when they increase it although). Saxo is a near perfect second. Of the platforms I have tested, Oanda, rjo, saxo, fxcm, refco, interbankfx etc… fxcm and refco are the worst, followed closely by interbankfx.

So if you are out of line, you either have to close, reverse back, or hold. All of which are simply a best guess. Luckily it doesn’t happen very often, but too often with fxcm for my liking.


Put your time into other things Mathew. This is not something you can solve. Whatever datafeed c2 uses, someone will be using something else.

Of course I can’t let C2 off scott free. There is one more issue. Many time it will APPEAR you are not in line. For example a stop takes you out, but you look at C2 and the stop wasn’t hit. Often it is just C2 taking forever to update the trade, and it has indeed stopped out. It’s just taking 20 minutes or more to show it has stopped out. Sorry Mathew, but a fact is a fact.

So until C2 is more timely, I wouldn’t be too quick to assume you are out of line.

You can always email me at thaner1@nb.sympatico.ca and I’ll let you know what my current position is and I can update accordly. But if no one emails me, I have no idea if anyone is in opposite direction.

Like the chf trade that stopped out on C2 yesterday for -20 pips. If someone didn’t email me, you would have been left alone and it would have eventually hit everyone for -20 pips. But because someone emailed me to tell me that there stop wasn’t hit, I was able to send an email to close chf at +20 pips, saving all 40 pips. Don’t email me through C2. For now it is too slow and a pain, and I usually forget to check it. So best to email directly.

Yes I have heard great things about Oanda but my priority is having an automatic trading system. I’m a full time programmer and I’m not in a position to quit my job in order to focus on trading full-time. I have set up an automatic system and FXCM provides a programming interface through a product called DynaOrder.

Oanda does provide a programming interface but you have to pay $600 up front and then $600 per month just for having a programming interface. No thank you. I’m not that rich. There is one broker, Forex.com that provides programming interfaces but I heard their customer support isn’t all that.

Anyway, thank you for your input. Fortunately the discrepancies between C2 and my system have been pretty rare and I am still profiting so it’s all good.

IS saxobank available en collective 2?¿?