Problem with price and order excecution

Hi Matthew,

tonight my systems Galaxy and Moonlight went to target but your system don’t register them, I try to resolve the problem with the ? botton but after 4hour… nothing, my systems went short but I can’t close old position ( already closed at target ) because c2 don’t function… so can you fix these problems? When I call you for some problems you tell me that nothing can be change, but I paid for this service and I don’t make nothing badly if I ask you to replace a trade as it have to be as the order says.

Thank’s a lot

Giacomo Astrologo

Perhaps I do not understand your message, but let me explain what I see when I look at your system.

(1) You are frustrated because you want to execute an order for Swiss Franc, and it did not execute last night. The reason is that you entered the "daytime" (pit-traded) symbol "SF." This only startts trading at 8:20 am ET. If you want to trade electronically on GLOBEX, use symbol @SF (more or less 24 hrs per day).

(2) You are frustrated because your Sell To Close (STC) order for @EU is not executing. But you do not have a long position in @EU. You have a short position. So you need to cover your short position (to decrease your short position) or you need to Sell To Open (STO) to increase it.

If I am misunderstanding your issues, please email me privately and explain exactly what is the matter.