Problem with your service

Hello Matthew,

I have a problem with the system ID 22513780. There was a stop order to cover a long position at 1.2751 on @EUZ6, my system on tradestation is stopped but you didn’t registered this low price, so the position was still open and I had to close it manually. Also in the ITM there are the message to open a new position short limit at 1.2756 and the price registered 1.2760 but is still not filled in the ITM. Yesterday I had the same problem on this system but not with oder systems. Please may you check?

Thanks in advance

Giacomo Astrologo

If you’re using our TradeStation interface, it sounds like the problem is that C2tray is not sending to C2 TradeStation fill notifications. Please make sure yoru C2tray is configured correctly and that “Strategy Fill Alerts” are sent (there should be a little mail envelope next to that option in the TradeStation messaging preferences).

Also, be aware that we can’t be responsible for local Internet connectivity problems on your side (if that is indeed the source of the problem).

If you are not sure how to proceed, please send me your C2tray log file by email. You can find it on your C: drive. It is named: c2tslog.txt.

I’ll try to determine what is happening, and why the fill notifications are not arriving.


Hi Matthew

thanks for the answer, the c2tray works well, infact in the ITM there are all the signal generated by tradestation. The last signal is filled but the previous one is not filled.

May you look at the ITM for Moonlight EurUsd? In this way I think you can understand what happened.


Giacomo Astrologo

Please see my private email to you. You need to manually get in sync with your TradeStation system. This means you need to make sure all open positions match, and also any pending signals. Make sure that any pending signal on C2 matches your TradeStation open signals. If there’s a signal open on C2 which is not open on TradeStation, you must cancel it on C2.

Once you get back into sync, you’ll be fine moving forward.

Wondering why the 3 systems I created, its reading negative open positions. I’m short USD/JPY at close to 117.70 in all three, the price closed at 117.50-56 at best. Yet the system is reading a negative situation in the 3 systems.

You must be referring to the “system statistics” box on your system page. There’s a big caveat at the top of the box that explains that open-trade statistics are update periodically during the course of the day.

If you are anxious to have your stats updated, you can press the “refresh” icon near the Open P/L stat. This will force a refresh.

Note that stats are updates instantly when trades are opened or closed. It is only when trades are left opened that stat updates can be delayed.

Yeah, that worked. Thanks for the prompt reply.