Support response

Hi I am new to Collective2. I added my system and followed the instructions to get it running live, but it does not appear that my system is displaying the signals that my NinjaTrader platform put out. I sent a support email in this morning and have not heard anything back nearly 8 hours later…is this typical support response?

Tony -

Just glancing at the server logs, I see you are not using the correct C2 symbol. C2 does not have a symbol CL.

See: for C2 symbology (you probably want QCL I think). You need to configure your NinjaTrader to use C2 symbols.

Hope this helps!


ok matt, I followed the instructions provided by Ninja but they made no reference to a different symbol. Simply that I needed to add an * (asterisk) before the symbol name.

I’ll try to configure for C2 symbols…is there a way to test to make sure my signals are working?

Yes. Declare your system a "test system." You must do this before entering any trades. Go to ADMIN -> Edit System Details to do this.