Problems with the forum


I wonder whether there are problems with the forum. It seems, I do not see alll the forum posts.

In thread autotrading I see only a single posting, although it says, there are three and in the forum Collective2 Hacked?

the latest posting I see is from last year… ?

Is this only me or is this a general problem?




That happens in those rare cases when I delete forum messages. I removed two messages yesterday – one accidentally, and one on purpose. (I informed the poster of the accidentally deleted message and apologized for my fat thumb.)

This reminds me of those photographs from the 1930’s Soviet Union, taken during Stalin’s purges. The poor newspapermen had to remember whom to airbrush out of the photos (not an easy task, as the list was constantly increasing) and on occasion they made mistakes. I think there’s one famous photo in which Stalin is standing alone… except for a mysterious men’s hat floating in mid-air beside him.