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Anyone trading with this Futures strategy yet? track record looks amazing, but only a few weeks of trades. Aslo in the description it says “mental stops” that is very scary, are there no actual stops?

comments please

The Good:
-He is sticking to one contract and not chasing loses down. So far, no martingale.
-He is not gaming the bid/ask spread. Been running with real autotraders and some of his intraday trades look very well timed.
-He doesn’t come on the forum boasting & bragging & begging for subscribers.

The Bad:
-The mental stop loss thing. When someone says that I immediately say “no stop loss”.
-Echoing the last point, he is holding on to every trade until it becomes a winner. 95% win rate = can’t accept losing. No idea what he would do when that happens (average down? stop out, how far?)
-Completely unsustainable returns.
-No TOS.

Get a “no” vote from me, but good luck.

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HMM… good points… one thing I really really like is that he is taking Short side trades. Many of the futures trading strategies are just Long only. I feel that those are missing tremendous opportunities on the short.

Good lord. This guy already has over a dozen subscribers?! Less than a month of trading with 15% drawdown?

People will throw money at anything.

where is the info on how many subscribers? I cannot locate it

because the gains is what most C2 investor chase after. we all here for the holy grail.

Yeah… and if the dev is not placing stops… and I go with an auto trade account… can I set a stop in the C2 interface??

Look at the autotrade detail of the trades - you can see how many autotrade subscribers there are and even how much scaling is being used.

Guess the mental stops didn’t work out well this time…huge loss for the last trade.

Now this is a bit surprising since 1 contract was traded on a regular basis. Can’t see the last trade but it put the system in negative returns territory so he must’ve traded a product/market that was not that forgiving when the trade is wrong …even with 1 contract trades.

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I would guess Crude Oil trade. Got caught on wrong side of report yesterday.

“Mental stops” mean nothing to me. My guess it was crude. With this small of an account even 1 contract without stops is insane.

@JohnDesey - again, this is what we are talking about. Super high win rates mean NOTHING when you don’t really use stop losses.


and when one uses stop losses responsibly there wont be anymore super high win ratio but ONE of the good ingredients to a good system


Any strategy that’s up 50% 1 month can be down 50% next month. Any strategy has a 2:1 gain to DD is consider “good” in my book.

Last week must been a rough week. Almost every strategy that was posted in the forums recently all tanked by this week.


And this happened. First month 54 % up, this one 59 % down.

He had a fair number of autotrade subscribers too, looks like one was scaling at 200% and another at 400%, they all must have bailed out on the trade though because there is no autotrade data for the closing transactions on the last 2 big losing trades

7/2/18 13:50 @QMQ8 MINY CRUDE OIL
7/2/18 14:09 QCLQ8 CRUDE OIL

Its almost sad that he was doing so well trading equity index futures and then decided to trade oil futures. Those are two completely different products.

up 50%, down 50%. nothing new.

When you dont trade with real money or when you have zero financial impact on you trades your mind set as a trader is completely different.


So true - might as well swing for the fences. If it doesn’t work out, you set the system to private and then do it all over again.

all so true,and I am the one who started this whole thread

+1 - same thoughts here - Sharpe Ratio and other stuff is nice to have - Good Annualized Gain : DD is a must have