Great strategy few subscribers?

Hi All i started a strategy on the c2 platform more then a year ago. all though i am a 15 years experienced day trader.from my experience the results are very good 1:4 ratio of profit vs dd is good. and the strategy makes money in a bear market as well. all though it is a bit volatile this is because it is highly leveraged. from my experienced eyes today it has one of the top results on the platform but no subscribers. so moments before i leave the platform pls advise i would really love to hear

i forgot to mention the strategys name “start up nation”

Hi ymnm, your strategy which trades emini futures is exactly the type of system I am interested in and yet I’ve never run across it in my periodic searches so I double-checked by going to “discover strategies” off the main page leaderboard, selecting “futures” and then reviewing the list — your strategy does not show up there so you may want to contact C2 about why that is. If people don’t know that your strategy exists then there is no way they would subscribe.

That being said, your volatility is probably in excess of what I am looking for (e.g. recent 50% DD), even though you came back from that I’m not sure I could stay with a system after a 2 month DD like that.

You also provided no system description, if you want people to subscribe you should provide a write-up on your system: what is your max contracts, do you use hard or soft stops, do you ever carry positions overnight, are you trading using an algorithm, manually or some combination, etc. People generally what to know what they are getting into and they shouldn’t have to reverse-engineer the system by looking at the trades.

Another option is to post a coupon for a free month here, that tends to get people to subscribe and then if they like what they see then they will continue to pay to subscribe.

I am currently autotrading 5 strategies here and am always looking for new ones to replace underperforming ones. I am going to sim your strategy now to keep it on my radar.

Agreed. Looks to me like some kind of daily indicator. Not sure if stops are mental or actually written as one trade cost him >50% DD.

With systems like this using this much leverage I would always like to see how the trades would have fared using 1x. That is, if you went long/short QQQ instead of Futures contracts - so no leverage whatsoever. Alot of futures strategies would have underperformed the index in that regard but still ended up positive, so you inject leverage into that and suddenly you look like you outperform significantly.

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Hi Pete
first of all i would like to thank you for taking the time and helping me understand many things and i will again contact them to understand why people are not seeing my strategy(i just paid 250$ for promotion!!!).regarding the strategy i had to make it highly leveraged to get peoples attaion. from what i saw people subscribe to the high yield strategy’s sadly with out understanding the risks (all the vol strategies are very dangours). what i recommend is that people de-levrge the let’s say you decide to do 25% it would have given you a 50% return with 12.5%dd. this from my experience is bad at all.
it is a manual trade but it uses an algorithmic trade decision support. the positions are over night and i am afraid that i did not fined a stop loss to be used. but as you can understand it is a momentum driven so it should take us out in time. as i mentioned i am 20 years in HFT algo trading and i am shocked at so many strategies here that people subscribe to.the big advantages here are 1. the product(not single stock or options) makes money in all markets and i believe it will be great once the market goes down.anyway thanks again and once you want to subscribe let me know and i will send a coupon.

as i do not add contracts but stay with same amount it is very easy. if you were 25% levreged then you would be at 50% return with dd of 12.5%. i have to mention that the dd of 50% came from a couple of trades

You are welcome - another thing I like to see in a system (but is not a hard requirement) is TOS (trades own system) designation - this tells me that you have skin in the game. This is more important for new systems versus older establish systems but if you have confidence in your system I would expect that you would be trading it along side the subscribers. There is a TOS filter when searching for systems so if you can get that attribute it also may bring more attention your way.

I understand you typically don’t add contracts, but with regards to leverage, I was more wondering how it would fare as just a stock system - that is, if you were just long/short QQQ during these periods, would you outperform the index itself, or at least have a more favorable sharpe ratio or risk/return than the index?

This is why @Pete was mentioning TOS. I wouldn’t run a system a certain way just to get subscribers, I would run it based on what I feel is a favorable risk-adjusted return over time and the ability to get solid returns without bankrupting myself. That is why TOS is important. It shows potential subscribers that you will (most likely) not completely blow yourself up trying to get attention on C2.

If you feel you have a good system I would recommend just running it without so much leverage and as TOS. C2 will provide leverage through subscriber fees to you :wink:

Actually linking to your system in this thread may help people find it as well :wink:

Hi ymnm, I have seen the problem before of a strategy not being searchable in the Grid. It can happen when your account is not fully paid up with C2. That is how they get your attention.
I use the Grid to find good strategies. I agree with the other replies that you have to trade your system like a real investor, without all the super leverage. After all, if you really think you can achieve 200%/year, with a $200,000 investment, you will have about $50 Million in 5 years. Do that and you won’t need any subscribers. Maybe you can re-scale your system? This has often caused problems with other systems but talk to C2 about that possibility.

Thank you all for the input i hope you all subscribe and make some money. regarding TOS i understand what you mean, the problem is that i mange other peoples money in hft day trading strategies. this is my first experience with over night positions so to be honest i do not even have an account to do this. but i will find the time and start working on this.again thank you all for your time.