Profit Factor

Our profit factor is kind of high. Does that count against us when it comes to the C2 score?

C2 doesn’t penalize you for performing too well. Only the gods do that.

@MATT: the gods only punish those prideful of their prowess. The market punishes the rest of us.

@Kevin: well said. lol.

Not that it really matters, but can anyone explain how a new system with 11 trades can get a score of over 900, whereas [LINKSYSTEM_77924409] has had over 100 trades, 91% winners, +50% return, 15% max dd can get a score of only 440??

If I had a dollar for every time someone complained about the C2 Score algorithm, I’d be in Bali, in a house on stilts, drinking coconut milk and reading Patrick O’Brian novels all day long.

However, if C2 Members had a dollar for every time I have promised to revise the C2 Score algorithm “real soon” you would have no need to come to C2 anymore, and you’d probably be passing me on the way to coconut tree every morning.

C2 Score Improvement: Real soon now.

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Have you made the changes? The score has suddenly jumped