Are people still subscribing on C2?


I manage a strategy called VOLON. It has had relatively good performance, especially considering its low drawdown and fairly high reward. Currently it has a C2 score of 992. It has some subscribers but not enough to make C2 worth it. My system is one of the first five that comes up in the system finder, is only $5, not something like $150, and is not reaching the status often talked about on C2 of having 50 or 100 subscribers. If possible, it would be of great help if any of you can shed some light onto this topic. I don’t know if its just that people are stuck on a few systems, not on C2 at all, or they just don’t like my system in particuler. I would assume that if that’s the case, it would be because the C2 audience goes for the systems that make 100% a month unsustainably.

I am considering creating a system on the sister site, Youtual Funds, to hopefully solve any of these issues. It seems that because of the way the community and subscribers are set up, every system has a good chance at getting many subscribers. In addition, there aren’t as many systems that make huge amounts for a week and then fail because there is no forex or options. Any opinions or experience on that?

Thanks so much

Ben Sender [LINKSYSTEM_62867893]

Hi Ben, this is the first time I’ve seen your system, looks pretty good! All I can do is give my impressions.

Your equity curve looks fine though people don’t tend to like it when there is no activity (Sept to Dec). I know this goes against some basic rules of trading (don’t trade just to trade) but the perception is there.

Your strategy is well-described which is a plus. Maybe a little more about position management, whether you use fundamentals as well as technicals, other rules like that. More is better IMO.

Returns are very good but not eye-popping. My sense is that people can get access to good returns all over the place, but C2 give access to system that (potentially) can significantly outperform.

One thing C2 does a very poor job is to create a vibrant user community. You’d think in this age of social computing they would get it. There is really nowhere users can gather, build community, exchange ideas etc.

Though my advice is to stick with it…once you have a year under your belt things should pick up. Good luck! (I will join as soon a C2 links to Interactive brokers…it’s been a long wait)


You have a good system. Very good profit factor. Very cheap. A few things, Stock systems are not as popular as Forex in C2. It probably has to do with Forex High leverage (50:1). Your system doesn’t create a enough trades. Also, people are afraid of exposure, your systems tends to hold for an average of 17 days. A lot of Forex systems are only hours. I have seen Forex systems with over 100 subscribers, but stock systems with maybe 20. You are beating the S&P 500 so you are doing good. Maybe make it a TOS system to increase your chances of getting more subscribers. I would personally invest in your system if I had $100k in my broker account, but not if I only have $5k. Good luck.

Hi Ben,

I have added your system to my Notebook. I will be watching it with strong interest. Indeed, it has a very decent risk-adjusted return (CAGR better than 30% and Calmar ratio greater than 3). It handled the very choppy market relatively ok in the 2nd half of last year, but significant gain only came during the recent strong up swing.

I think there is no doubt that the C2 site has an increasingly more following in the recent years. Like the general investing public, however, the C2 community has a strong herd mentality. People tend to get attracted to the systems that are showing exponential short-turn gain. These kinds of “hero” systems are usually trading highly leveraged equities without proper risk management. Sooner or later, these systems will crash. Unfortunately, people will then be chasing the next “hero” system. The bright side is that some people do value the systems with solid track record. As the system vendors, what we need to do is to be patient and to focus on the processes. Hopefully, good long-term results will take care of the subscription issue.

As Mark pointed out, it would be helpful if you can shed some more light on how your system handles position sizing and risk management.

Good luck and happy trading!