Profits per symbols

Perhaps you want to see which symbols are the most successful or the most “unlucky” in the trading strategy.

I mean: which symbols are profitable and which are not.

(Please do not take my examples as an analysis recommendations. I just want to show what is possible in C2Explorer. Also: used strategies were selected purely for demonstration purposes.)

Try this code:

CHART = GetC2SYSTEM(95371653).SymbolsProfits();


If there is a large number of symbols, a columnm graph gives you just an overview.
You will need a navigator to be able to zoom to individual symbols:

Try this code which adds a navigator to the graph:

CHART = GetC2SYSTEM(85617966).SymbolsProfits(navigator:true);

A result - too many symbols to be usable:

Use the navigator to zoom-in and to scroll horizontally to see individual symbols:

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