Programmer needed

I would like a black box system that generates one signal (entry and exits) a day known before the the S&P 500 futures open (8:30am CST) and exits before the close. I do not have the rules or parameters so I would need someone to come up with it. I would prefer it to work as a stand alone application if possible.

Anyone interested in doing this for me for a fee?

> I do not have the rules or parameters so I would need someone to come up with it.

So you don’t have a system at all. What you need is not a programmer but a trader. I’m not sure if you understand the concept of C2. Why don’t you subscribe to a C2 system and autotrade it? Then you can see the track record before you start trading and you can quit whenever you like.

This is a completely bizarre request. You will take someone else’s hard-earned logic (which if it works is worth far more than you could ever pay and if it doesn’t has no value), and then sell it to others or trade it yourself?

And what guarantee do they have they will ever get any $$$ ever; they don’t know you!!!

I suggest others avoid this request completely. Jules is right, you don’t seem to understand C2.

I would be happy to sell you such a system for $10,000 (USD). It is based on a random number generator. There is no guarantee it will be profitable.


I don’t understand your sarcasm. Craig Ross didn’t ask about profitable system.

Crag don’ listen the cynics. Lew is charlatan who is trying to get your money when everybody knows that generation of truly randoms numbers is very expensive. So he wants to offer outdated technology that is based on pseudo-random numbers.

Listen, for 15K I can give you hi-tech system that is based on solar activity. For additional 5K I’ll even code it. Maintenance fee is 3K per month, but you’ll have something real.


P.S. Of course profitability isn’t guaranteed lol

Now just a minute, Lew & Eu. For NINE thousand, I have an excellent mechanical system based on 7 dice. Each is made of genuine ivory. Each die has "BUY" , "SELL" or "FLAT" stamped twice in genuine gold electroplate. You throw the dice, and the majority signal that results tells you what to do that day. They come in a customer BLACK BOX, per request…

For SEVEN thousand, I have a set of chicken bones that can be cast under the light of the moon. You turn around ten times, and throw them in the direction of the prevailing wind. Readings are taken then.

Screw you, Ross… I’ve got electronic dice with a PIC microcontroller, complete with USB port and software which lets you “read” the dice. That, in itself, is worth three thousand dollars more than your stupid and dated mechanical dice.

I used to have such a system about 20 years ago. It made about 1% per day on average–would that fit your purpose? Initially I was very happy with it, but after 5 years (when my initial $10K in savings had compounded to a little more than $1bln) it became rather boring. At that point I left trading for what it was and pursued a career in science.

I think I must still have the system somewhere. It ran on a Commodore 64 microcomputer and you need to load it from tape. If you, or anyone else with a Commodore 64, is interested, let me know. Perhaps I can copy the tape to an mpg file and e-mail it.

Edit: I found the tape, but noticed my sister recorded a song by Modern Talking on top of it. Too bad the code is gone…