Programmer Needed- signals fr other brokers to C2

Sorry if i don’t make sense…i’m new to programming.

Basically, i need a programmer to help me program my trades executed on my EFXgroup, Duskacopy or Odls account to automatically send signals to my C2 system/s to trade similiarly.

Is it at all possible? Is there already such interface available?

I read about Ninja, AutoBolt etc…and i am thoroughtly confused.

Could anyone enligthen me? Thanks a Million in advance.

Hi Lew,

Thanks for the info.

Have you used reantacoder before?

Because seems to me that most of the projects there are not for our brokerage programming kind.



you will find that with any service. You can also try

I use them regularly, and mostly for non-web coding projects that require actual computer science experience as opposed to just a copy of some automatic html generator. Most of my projects on there, so far, have been mostly in standard gnu C and C++.

One thing, though… unless you know how to select a coder, and unless you know how to concisely and explicitly define your project specs, you’re going to have a bad experience with any service or programmer you end up hiring. You should not assume anything when coming up with your project description or specifications.

Prices from the overseas coders are very good (you need to carefully screen their experience and prior projects), and I usually end up giving them a bonus equal to half the project cost… that’s how inexpensive (yet experienced) they are by today’s standards.

what you say is true. I dont know if rentacoder does this, but Elance has ratings for these service providers. When someone has something like 50 separate reviews and has very high ratings, that is about the best you can do.

But I also agree about defining project specs. Many times, the problem is that the person requesting the work does a poor job about requirements or has unrealistic expectations. GIGO, of course.

I used a couple of times, and had very good experiences. One person did an entire website for me with forms, images and numerous pages for $200 (Indonesia). They were very patient with my constant grooming & update requests of pages.

Thanks all for taking your time to reply.

Does anyone of you have recommendation of who in elance+rentacode that can do what i am requesting?

(Don’t worry, i won’t hold you responsible if anything goes wrong because you recommended:) )



In no particular order:

the_red_rebel - damn smart.

lse - damn smart.

dawild - smart enough. Wrote program for pit trader, too.

Read my original comment to figure out which service they’re on.

Thanks Lew! will check it out…

hey there,

If you plan to use Ninja, and ninja suppoerts your brokers and instruments, I’l do it for you…for free.

Before you start doubting me, let me make myself clear…

I have masters in computer science and have ben using ninja for past 5 months. have developed my own systems…

why would I do it for free??? repeat business my man…

anyway…let me know if youa are still in market…

my email kaustubh.shinde@gmail