Promotional offer: StockholmMutual

Dear C2-community!

On February 1st 2021 my strategy: StockholmMutual will adjust the monthly subscription price to: 20 USD/month from current 0 USD/month.

And I would extend an offer, if you start a subscription before February 1st, you will get the discounted subscription fee of 15 USD/month.

The effective price change will last all of 2021.

Portfolio strategy:

  • Stock-picking strategy
  • buy and hold
  • non-hedged
  • diversified portfolio
  • My goal is to double portfolio every 4 years (CAGR: 18.92%), however, this is NOT a Guarantee.
  • Low subscription fee, < 1% annually (not including platform fee) of model portfolio size

Benchmark against the 18.92% Fixed-rate interest-curve:

Stockholm Mutual:

Yours Sincerely,
Michael, Strategy Manager of StockholmMutual