ProShares splits and reverse splits this week

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that ProShares has a large number of ETF splits and reverse splits that are effective this week, in case you hold some of these in your trading strategies.

I already let Matthew know, so hopefully C2 will be prepared for this.

Here is the link to the ProShares announcement:



Good job giving a heads up, but even with your warnings and others I got a little excited when I saw some C2 graphs that didn’t adjust for the split today.

Thanks, I tried. Perhaps the charts and results will be fixed tomorrow morning.

However, now that ETF Timer has a 59% return for May, maybe C2 will just leave it! :slight_smile:


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Yah, mine too: +141% for May! Hee hee. Thanks ProShares! Thanks C2!

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At one of my real brokers, TQQQ is listing at the new lower price, but my number of shares hasn’t changed so I’m showing a -67% loss. So not just a C2 issue, others seem to handle these things imperfectly during the strange transition time for splits. IB and RobinHood handled it fine by changing completely over to the new price (and new basis price) with 3x shares.

For a while my IB account was wrong last night too.

Thanks for no thanks C2! Briefly my portfolio dropped to a big loss (new low price and same old #shares, I guess), but now the levels are corrected, and all is nearly well except that the momentary pre-market loss causes my strategy to show a -72% max drawdown! I’ll get in touch with support to get that straightened out, I hope.

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reply to self: help@c2 fixed it the spurious maxDD in no time

They fixed mine but then now it seems to be wrong again. I reached out to have them fix it again, but I think it is strange that is was wrong, fixed, then wrong again.

Mine seems to be staying fixed. Good luck.

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