Unicorn Strategy

I would like to get some thoughts on this strategy. I know it is only 3 months old. It is TOS. He is not afraid to take losses. Has responded to emails. His win ratio Is not out of this world and seems to be with in reason. His average loss is lower than his average win. It is just on my watch list and seems to be interesting. I would like to get feedback both on the positives and negatives that you see with this. I know only time well tell. Thanks for sharing.

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Seems good.
Like that it is TOS.
All trades are 1 contract. Did not go deep in looking what was held at same time.
But DD per trade is very reasonable.

Thing I dislike is that it trades futures like Copper, Lean Hogs, Platinum. This can work for single trader, since he trades for himself. But when having more subscribers on thin volume markets, slippage will be here.

Comparing to most C2 strategies, this is among better ones.

not bad, i like it, as long as he sticks with 1c

Looks fairly conservative sticking to 1 contract for each trade and thus no overleveraging.

Fairly flat for the month of may and early june with the gains mostly from june and july.

I would still wait 3 more months.

not old enough to see any conclusion. so far no warning signs. I usually like to wait 6 months and after a 5%+ pull back. hard to judge if a strategy is good or bad when market stays 1 trend.


Greetings, I run the Unicorn strategy and wasn’t planning on bringing it up here until I have more performance, but since someone beat me to it I will try to answer any questions. That said, I don’t like to be distracted when I am in my trading zone, so bear with me.

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@xyzzz don’t feel like you have to respond to people on the forums. I would much rather have a system developer who is focused on his system than some guy who comes on here and writes pages of explanations about his system and every trade.

Just do your thang man. :+1:


Btw, just to clarify, even tough most trades are 1 lots I do occasionally trade 2 contracts from time to time, but that will be the max. Thanks

Yes, pleeeeeez…!

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13 trading strategies created, only 3 are visible.
Why are the other 10 strategies hidden or private? :thinking:

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Took me a while to get the right methodology dialed in, can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

I just was wondering why there are that many broken eggs,
despite the 25 years of experience of omelette making :wink:

OK. Let’s see how you will trade in the next few months,
but I like the fact that the strategy is already TOS. :+1:


I asked him and he said he had no subs and was not TOS in the prior strategies. He said he was working on the system.